Epoxy PU & BASF Ucreate Flooring

Application Areas:-
» Automobile Industries
» Electronic Industries
» Automobile Show room & Workshops
» Pharmaceuticals Industries
» Food Processing Industries
» Health Care Center
» Chemicals Industries
» Fertilizer Industries
» I.T Industries

» Provides Cleaner, healthier, more pleasant place for your employees to work in.
» Protects your concrete from wear, making it last longer.
» Controls concrete dusting.
» Protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation.
» Cuts down on amount of lighting needed in plant.
» Make your plant more appealing to your potential customers.
» Helps keep your finished parts clean before shipping.
» Define certain areas, or designate the presence of hazards.
» Reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs.
» Uplift in Aesthetics.
» Easy wash ability