Welcome to Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions is a name that has become synonymous with quality flooring solutions, Delivering Faster-Flatter Floors for Future!. LTFSPL has developed a few special tools and techniques, it is essentially a question of attitude and commitment. Our company ensures that the project is planned well, managed effectively, resourced correctly and that workers are properly trained and supervised. This results in the production of an exceptionally flat slab in areas for Defined Movement (DM-2) and for Free Movement FM2 as per TR-34. With a full range of hi-tech equipment, experienced  and qualified teams of professionals, we are able to provide fine tolerance floor as per international standards including TR-34, DIN 15-185 & ASTM 1155, meeting today’s free movement surface regularity requirements for very flat floors.

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Company Overview

At Lamba Techno Flooring Solutions we are a young and dynamic team passionate about our work. We create floors that stand out with…

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Our Services

We are one of the first companies to Own & Operate controlled Laser Screed in India. Laser screening technique allows you to lay…

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Machinery Setup

With the booming Indian economy, development of world class infrastructure facilities and the growing demand….

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Industrial Flooring

Mahindra Defence

Area in Sq Ft.: 100000

Concrete Flooring

Fiem Industries

Area in Sq Ft.: 120000

Flooring Solution

Delta Warehouse

Area in Sq Ft.: 15000

Industrial Flooring India

Diamond Products Limited

Area in Sq Ft.: 140000

Flooring Solution India

Future Warehouse Solutions

Area in Sq Ft.: 1400000

Concrete Floors

Milestone Mega City Warehouse

Area in Sq Ft.: 1000000


  •  Laser Screed Specialist
  • Superflat, FM 2 Floor as per TR 34 ( high tolerance floors)
  • Jointless Floors
  • Floor flatness surveying- Floor Pro (Digital Profileograph)
  • Design & Execution of Grade slabs with Steel Fibre
  • Traditional Steel bar Reinforcement
  • Plate Dowel & Steel Armoured Joints for edge protection
  • Saw Cutting, Dry Shakes & Joint Sealing
  • Densification and Dustproofing
  • Concrete Polishing ( Advance Nano Silica Technology from USA)
  • Floor repair and maintenance


  • Proven track record
  • Extensive portfolio of successful projects
  • Experts in the field
  • Good working relationships with clients
  • Full design offerings
  • Our flooring solutions are free of defects
  • Services- Joint layout drawings, pour schedule drawing.
  • Largest fleet of laser screed machines
  • Skilled workers on payrolls
  • Backup machines to meet any contingency
  • On time delivery

Our Clients: