Steel Armoured Joint for Arris Protection

Free Movement Armoured Joint system offers the best practical and technical solution for today’s high quality concrete ground floor slabs. The system ensures adequate load transfer in expansion, contraction and construction joints and eliminates resistance to joint opening and movement in both horizontal plane directions. The system also provides extremely durable edge protection to the concrete slabs, particularly when subjected to traffic.

The load transfer is achieved by high strength steel plate dowels which are combined with rigid release sleeves to allow free slab movements in both longitudinal and perpendicular directions, eliminating the principle cause of shrinkage cracks. The Armoured Joint system also acts as self-contained leave-in-place formwork requiring no stripping after pouring saving significant time and manpower.

Using this system means faster and easier floor slab construction, better quality floors and maintenance free joints. They can be used in ground-supported or suspended slabs starting from 100 mm slab thickness.