We are one of the first companies to Own & Operate controlled Laser Screed in India. Laser screening technique allows you to lay concrete floors in wider bays of any size. It dramatically reduces the time, reduce the numbers of construction joints, improves the flatness of floors. It also reduces the number of labor on the site. It eliminates the need of fixing guide rails to every four meters. Laser Screed simultaneously cuts, vibrates & levels the concrete in a single pass. All above operations are controlled by laser transmitter, receivers & computer.

So manual errors are eliminated. Copperhead XD 3.0 is very useful to lay floors on doubly reinforced slabs, metal decks, grade slabs with duel slopes, very large factory floors in few days. With Copperhead XD 3.0 it is possible to lay concrete floors up to 2500 Sq. Mtrs. Per day. We offer laser screeding with concrete floor finishing ride on trowels. Copperhead XD 3.0 & Ride on Trowels are petrol operated machines. Need no power, except for area illumination.

Below is the Range of Services we Offer

  • Laser Screed Flooring
  • Super Flat Floor as per International Standards
  • Surface Treatment & Densification
  • Floors with Fibre Reinforcement
  • Joint less Floor
  • Epoxy PU & BASF UCRETE Flooring
  • Truss / Flex Screed Flooring
  • Tremix (Vacuum Dewatering Flooring)
  • Turnkey Projects