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Super Flat Flooring

Super Flat Flooring

“Superflat Floor”: Surfaces that support vehicular traffic along paths that are defined and do not change during the life of the floor surface (Defined Traffic). Defined traffic normally applies to very-narrow-aisles (VNA) warehouses in which VNA forklift trucks travel the same path, in the same direction, every day. Tolerances for conformance are necessary in the wheel tracks only, and they are measured by a special floor profiling instrument and defined by F number system as follows :-

FF (Floor Flatness)-is a measure of the waviness of the slab -Over 300 mm.
FL (Floor Levelness)-is a measure of the tilt of the slab – Over 3 m.

It is feared that steel fibres, Super Flat Floors, Superflat Floors will stand out on surface and can be a hindrance in achieving high tolerance surface finish. Contrary to this, we would like to sight following two examples of fine tolerance floors with higher fibre dosage executed by us in the recent past.

… Delivering Faster – Flatter – Floors for Future!