Large area construction – Jointless floors

These are floors constructed in large panels typically 50 m square without intermediate joints. A benefit of jointless floors to the building user is the opportunity of having relatively large areas of floor with no joints.

In ‘jointless’ slab construction, steel fibres at dosages in the order of 30-45 Kg/m3 are used to control the width and distribution of shrinkage-induced cracks. In floors with sawn joints, dosages in the range 12-20 Kg/m3 are typical. Manufacturers should be asked for data to demonstrate that dosages at the lower end of this range are effective as there is a lower limit below which a continuity of fibres in the concrete cannot be guaranteed.

To sight an example of jointless floors with higher fibre dosage executed by us in recent past. Joint Less Floor for an area of 9000 m2 and panel size of 30X 24 M for M/s. Knorr Bremse with steel fibre dosage of 30 Kg/m3 FM2 category as per international standards of TR-34.

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