Steel Fibre

Steel Fibre

Ground floor slabs with Steel Fibre in Industrial(Industrial Flooring), Warehouses and Distribution Centres are integral to the effi- cient operation of the facility. They are the  table top on which an operator runs his business. On the surface they appear to be one of the simplest parts of a structure to construct. However, this simplicity often leads to an underestimation of the design and construction requirements. A well designed and constructed floor will increase productivity, reduce maintenance of the building and increase the life of the equip- ment using the floor.

Steel fibre reinforced concrete has emerged as an alternate to traditional mesh reinforcement. Which offers benefits like

reinforcement throughout the full depth offering excellent crack control

Increase in load bearing capacity  Free Movement Floor (FM 2- TR 34)

The ductile Steel Fibre Floor with stands moderate deformations, minimizes curling of concretes lab.

Easier and more accurate installation  of Superflat floor.

High Tolerance is the term referring to surface regularity. Surface regularity needs to be limited in two ways. The floor should have an appropriate flatness in order to limit the bumpiness and general stability in operation of the materials han- dling equipment, and an appropriate lev- elness to ensure that the building as a whole with all its static and mobile equip- ment can function satisfactorily. There are essentially two methods for defining floor flatness requirements. Floors are divided into Free Movement Areas (FM) and Defined Movement Areas(DM).

TR34 Classification FM2 is recommended when specifying a new floor as this represents a good quality floor that can be achieved without excessive cost. For VNA applications a DM Specification (Superflat floor) should be used and the category is defined by the racking height. It is feared that steel fibres will stand out on surface, being a multi dimensional reinforcement and can be a hindrance in achieving high tolerance surface finish. Contrary to this,we would like to sight fol- lowing two examples off inetolerance floors with higher fibre dosage executed by us in recent past.

a) Superflat floor for M/s. Wacker Metroerk Chemicals at Kolkata for an areaof2137M2 with steel fibre dosage of 20 Kg/m3 as per international stan- dardsof TR-34.

b) Joint Less Floor for an area of 7500m2 and panel size of 30X 24 M for M/s. Knorr Bremse with steel fibre dosage of 30 Kg/m3 FM2 category as per international standards of TR-34.

We at LTFSPL are filling the knowledge gap by Delivering Faster-Flatter-Floors for Future! With a full range of hi-tech equip- ment, experienced and qualified teams of professionals, we are able to provide fine tolerance floor as per international stan- dards including TR-34, DIN 15-185 & ASTM 1155, meeting today’s Defined and Free Movement surface regularity requirements for smart warehouses, industries and retailoutlets.

High tolerance SFRC (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete)floors are being con- structed by us using cutting edge technol- ogy of laying floors with Laser Screed (Large line laser screed with a boom of 6.1 M – Model S15 R & copperhead – small line Laser Screed machine) which does not requires guide rails to screed concrete, it eliminates the need of having form work at regular interval sex ceptat day joint thus making wide bay construction of pore size 300to2000M2. This reduces construction joints by say80% which is the weakest sec- tionofa floor. The load transfer across the joints are done by using Plate (Diamond/ Rectangular) Dowels and Armoured joints (for edge Protection) & carry out surface finishing for flatness by using bump-cutterand check rod etc., and imported Power float equipment like walk behind and Ride- on Trowel. All this helps to achieve best possible flatness and has no chance of error right from the beginning to the end of job. For floor surveying automatic robotic Floor Pro(Digital Profileograph) isused to ensure to our clients that we walk the talk.

With experience of laying more than 9 Million sq feet of floor in last 4years, we are here to deliver floors as per International standards. Sow hen plan your next project you think of us as reliable business part- ner and not just another vendor.

… Delivering Faster – Flatter – Floors for Future!